What are our Objectives?

The Action has been acting as a focal point for experts and non-experts to specify and evaluate an evolving framework for
collaborative urbanism where citizens’ actions or voice is part of a participatory consultation process enabled by advances in ICT.
The experts would be drawn from different European countries and different backgrounds (city managers, policymakers, ICT designers,
technology providers, urban designers, engineers, architects, businesses, and researchers).

The Action has been facilitating dialogue about how the software of a city (e.g. governance and data driven solutions)
can be combined with the hardware of a city (e.g. technology sensors, infrastructures) to promote “smart and liveable cities”.
Crucially the dialogue has been fully engaging citizens as both users and co-creators of “smart and liveable cities”.

 The Action has been specifying and developing a knowledge platform for both experts and non-experts (citizens)
on the dual aspects of “smart and liveable cities”.
The knowledge platform has been compiling state-of-the-art information, knowledge and data about how
the “software” and “hardware” can address societal, economic and political challenges.
Importantly the platform has been identifying the sources, type, and volume of digital data available and even
more important the gaps in data needed to understand the needs and behaviour of citizens.

Given that “smart and liveable cities” is a new stage in urbanisation, an important goal has been the up-skilling of researchers
and in particular the training of a community of Early Stage Researchers in interdisciplinary research and practice.
The dialogue and up-skilling processes have been laying the foundations for building scientific excellence in this field in Europe.
It has been creating a common framework of action, which has been enhancing opportunities of dealing successfully
with the future challenges of “smart and liveable” cities.
The foundations have been drafting a multi-annual road-map and research strategy around a new participatory framework
for collaborative urbanism for “smart and liveable cities”.