How do we work?

In order to achieve our objectives, the Action has established the following four interacting trans-disciplinary Working Groups:

  • Roadmap and Research Strategy;
  • Knowledge Platform;
  • Living Laboratory; and,
  • Framework for Collaborative Urbanism.

The areas of responsibilities for each of the Working Groups have been chosen to foster trans-disciplinary research
and span across the following research tasks:

  • governance;
  • user needs;
  • digital data; and,
  • collaborative urbanism and KPIs.

As part of the Action, a ‘City Sounding Board’ (CSB) – made up of leading city managers and professionals –
has been established to facilitate close links with the candidate cities.
The CSB is a way to organise online and offline cross generational citizen engagement to debate and test new digital tools and platforms.
It has also been providing a space to debate values and ethics which has been shaping acceptable norms and behaviours
as they relate to the city in the context of a hyper-connected digital world.

  In addition, the CSB has been monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the COST Action,
which commenced May 2013 and will continue until May 2017.

What Do We Do?

The network of candidate cities has been providing a living laboratory to share and exchange data, information and experiences
about performance and future plans of cities. Letters of Support has been provided by candidate cities.
The network of candidate cities has been providing Early Stage Researchers with tangible experiences and learning opportunities
in trans-disciplinary research by means of workshops and design challenges.

 A “City Sounding Board” drawn from the candidate cities has been facilitating strong linkages between researchers in the
Working Groups and the candidate cities; along with a route to implement early findings from the Action
through existing or future pilot studies planned by candidate cities.
To provide a strong focus, the activities in candidate cities have been targeting at neighbourhoods.

 The Action has been providing the impetus for two European conferences on “smart and liveable cities”
and provide a focal point for dissemination of research results via web site and Wiki page
and a European/International lecture series on “smart and liveable cities” streamed live and pod cast.
Reports and research results will be published in hardcopy in edited books (two) and scientific journals.
The resulting knowledge platform and participatory framework for collaborative urbanism have been synthesising
into a comprehensive road map and long term research strategy for “smart and liveable cities”.